Grilled Nectarine with Granola

Banana Oat Muffins With Pecans and Salted Peanuts

Avocados with Caramelised Onions on Toast

Fat-free Oat and Avocado Muffins

Starters, Soups & Salads

Coddled Eggs with Foie Gras

Rice and Cheddar Stuffed Jalapeños

Chicken Vermicelli Soup

Roasted Tomato Soup

Green and White Chicken Noodle Soup

Herby Watermelon Gazpacho

Rice Noodle and Skinny Meatball Soup

Chilled White Almond and Grape Soup

Moroccan Spiced Lamb and Chickpea Soup

Mediterranean Fish Soup

Avocado Orange and Chicken Salad

Smoked Turkey and Thai Rice Noodle Salad

Roasted Butternut Squash Potato and Feta Salad

Mushroom and Beef Vietnamese Rolls

Feta and Bacon Stuffed Salad Peppers

Rice, Noodles & Pasta

Shrimp and Mussel Stir Fried Noodles

Thai Red Lamb Noodles

Lemony Spinach and Smoked Pork Belly Pasta

Chorizo and Sweet Pepper Risotto

Pineapple Fried Rice

Roasted Red Peppers and Goat Cheese Risotto

Penne with Spinach, Rocket and Basil Pesto

Stir Fried Pork in Gravy With Noodles

Chicken and Rice Ball Bowl with Chilly Garlic Mustard Greens

Vegetables First

Butternut Squash and Coconut Milk Curry

Indian Style Roast Potatoes

Savoury Sweet Corn and Polenta Cake

Hot Thai-Style Sweet Potato Curry

Sesame Spinach Rice Paper Rolls

Mainly Meat 

Five Spice Pork Belly Roast

Cauliflower Broccoli Bacon Gratin

Spinach, Lamb and Vermicelli Lettuce Cups

Steamed Soy Chicken

Beef and Feta Burger

Coffee and Paprika Rubbed Grilled Chicken

Chicken and Plantain Moqueca 

Shepherd’s Pie With Rosemary-Scented Potatoes

South Indian Style Chicken Liver Pepper Fry

Chilli Rubbed Roast Beef

Chicken Braised in Red Wine

Clay Pot Chicken

Taste of the Sea

Coconut Prawn Curry

Mediterranean Fish Soup

Bread Basket

Sweet Potato Oat and Whole Wheat Loaf

Whole Wheat Flaxseed Bread

Whole Wheat Focaccia with Cherry Tomato and Chorizo

Wholemeal and Rye Flour Muffins with Butternut Squash, Bacon and Feta

Four Seed Bread

Dips, Jams, Chutneys, Relishes and Preserves

Citrus Marmalade

Apple Red Chilly Relish

Basil Feta and Sunflower Seed Pesto

Sweet Somethings

Luscious Lemon Cupcakes 

Banoffee Cheesecake

Pear and Ginger Crisp

Apple Cranberry Cupcake

Champagne and Fruit Cups

 Orange Marmalade and Cointreau Cake

Chocolate Marbled Cheesecake

Flourless Citrus Yoghurt Cake

Quick Fruit ‘n’ Oatmeal Cookies

Eggless Chocolate Orange Pecan Brownies

Mango Upside Down Cake With Lime Syrup

Crustless Double Chocolate Kahlua Cheesecake


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